Pre-Pay 3 Subscription Boxes

What's In The December Box:

1 Just CBD 250 mg honey tincture oil

1 Just CBD 250 mg rainbow ribbon gummy jar

1 OLEO rooibos extract tea mix

1 2 oz whipped shea butter

The whipped shea will only be included in the first 250 orders!

By purchasing now you're saving $30 off each box price every month for an entire year plus an additional $10 off during this sale.

Ex: Original price for 3 pre-paid boxes totals $261. On sale, each box is $57 totaling $171. With the additional $10 off you're spending $161.

The February and March box details will be released soon. Remember, you're paying for December's box and pre-paying for February's and March's box. That means you're only receiving one box in the mail at a time.


Pregnant and nursing women should not consume this product.

  • $161.00
  • $261.00